Food and Farm Finance

EatsPlace provides loans and lines of credit to companies in the agricultural and EatsPlace’s mission is to provide loans and venture capital to farm and food entrepreneurs. Access to capital is the biggest concern of emerging growth companies, so we provide financial products to entrepreneurs who have traditionally been denied access. Small business ownership is the backbone for building wealth within communities of color.


EatsPlace Standard Business Loan allows companies that lack the assets or cash flow for traditional debt financing to build their businesses.

EatsPlace Preferred Loan provides established companies with additional funds to grow their businesses.

EatsPlace Bridge Loan provides short-term funds to those who are waiting for a permanent loan or need to close a transaction.

EatsPlace Line of Credit for those who need to establish credit for short term business needs.  

EatsPlace Farm Loan is designed to allow farmers, particularly urban farmers to fund their farming activities.

We provide flexible loans to small businesses. Find out more about our loan process and apply.

Venture Capital

Through our venture fund, we invest in pre-Series A and B businesses with a particular interest in AgTech, bioscience, data science, innovative nutrition, food processing technology, precision agriculture, and crop and livestock health. Find out more about our venture capital investment process and apply.