Current Projects

Bees the Day

EatsPlace is beekeeping to help sustain local agriculture and businesses through pollinations. Bees the Day, our local honey and bee products are all natural and pure. Visit our ship and apiary to purchase locally harvested honey, honeycomb and other bee-related products.


Nourish DC

EatsPlace is a member of the Nourish DC Collaborative. This collaborative was created in partnership with the DC government to support the development of a robust ecosystem of locally owned food businesses, neighborhood vibrancy, and health equity in Washington, DC communities, especially in neighborhoods underserved by grocery stores and other food businesses.

Nourish DC provides flexible loans, client-focused technical assistance, and catalytic grants to emerging and existing food businesses in the District of Columbia, with a preference for businesses located in or owned by residents of underserved neighborhoods. 

Recovery Grants

The farm and food industry was one of the most hard-hit during the pandemic. EatsPlace to supports farmers and food makers in their efforts to build back and prosper through grants and other funds. 

EatsPlace Venture Capital

EatsPlace invests in pre-Series A and B businesses, with a particular interest in AgTech, bioscience, data science, innovative nutrition, food processing technology, precision agriculture, and crop and livestock health. In making investments, we have a preference for investing in businesses located in or owned by residents of underserved neighborhoods and owned by those who have traditionally been denied access to capital. Find out more here.