Scouted in DC

Nice write up about us, DC Born & Raised, and Mason Dixie Biscuit Company in Scoutmob today.

Yes there’s always wifi, even when glamping. Perfectly pureed camp soup recipe up soon!

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Coffee Sourcing

I was lucky enough to get an invitation to visit Burka Coffee. It’s not often we get to see coffee made from plant to cup. The most interesting thing to me was to see the culture behind the cultivar and getting to know the people who live and work here.

coffee burka


greenhandscoffee^^ green coffee not yet roasted ^^

coffee sacks^^beans in the hopper ^^

coffee kt roastery^^ big smiles from the friendliest machine ever (it’s winking at you) ^^

coffeeroasted^^ glossy and glorious roasted coffee ^^

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Restaurant Paint Inspiration

We’re getting ready for our first chef residencies and finishing the paint and decor.eatplace-paint2

Some wise professionals have consulted with us to select our palette. There are some hard and fast restaurant design color rules like the red family signals hunger, and truer reds are best suited for fast food. Neutrals indicate fine dining. Purple is for health maladies and should be saved for spas or maybe a juice bar.

But we prefer to get inspiration from food naturally. The variety and color of one type of food is astounding (bags of beans here). eatsplace-bag-beans

We also like this sparkly wall of recycled wine glasses. Very green.

Rules can be useful guides but I really believe color rules were meant to be broken. Try a shade out, break it apart and start again until it’s right. eatsplace-glass-ground

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Little Things are a Lot

The little things are a lot. Like tiny door knobs cost $3000. No kidding. Please don’t steal people’s door knobs. It might have cost them a lot of lunch money.

Like siblings who will make artisanal hot chocolate mixes at EatsPlace because one way their working mom showed latchkey love was by leaving packets of store bought hot cocoa for them to find after long winter walks home from school.

Like testing paint swatches is such a small thing compared to an entire gut renovation but that’s when it strikes me. We’re this close to opening (thumb and forefinger a centimeter apart).swatches

Like when someone gives me one of their chicharones. And they only have three on the whole dish. And if I liked it so much why didn’t I order my own. But still I got one, and it was warm and crunchy.

Like when big guns get a little help from a bitty tape measurer. Sometimes you just need an extra inch or so.

Right now I’m focusing on the little things. Because it’s not about eating an elephant one bite at a time. Hey how about try not eating that elephant. Instead of having it for dinner, have it over for dinner at Mason Dixie Biscuit Co or DC Born & Raised at EatsPlace. Make big things into little things. And then realize little things can be pretty big anyway.

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God Save the Cream

There is a punk rock contractor in our midst. The truck parks next to (or is maybe the cause of?) smashed records:

Branding influenced by collages and fanzines:

Punk rock is wonderfully inspiring for restaurant start ups. As a chef/owner who is building a restaurant from scratch, I really get the handmade DIY ethos. At some point I’ve done a little of everything to ensure EatsPlace opens. The cut and paste look rebels against machine made fonts, and the craft of cookery is rebellion against our massive industrialized food system. Like punk, a restaurant kitchen sometimes can be angry and loud. But instead of crude, we have crudo. Because our point is made on the plate, and our connection is the diner.

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