Seating Our Guests Soon

EatsPlace is nearly ready to open our doors to the public!


Location: 3607 Georgia Ave (2 blocks south of Petworth metro)
Tentative Hours:

Mason Dixie Biscuit Company @EatsPlace
Monday – Friday 7AM – 2PM

DC Born & Raised @EatsPlace
Monday – Friday 5PM – 10PM
Saturday – Sunday 10AM – 10PM

Drinks @EatsPlace
Monday – Thursday 7AM – Midnight
Friday 7AM – 1AM
Saturday 10 AM – 1AM
Sunday 10 AM – Midnight


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The Most F of the FAQs

EatsPlace gets a lot of questions, understandably. And we hope most of them are addressed in the FAQs. Some just keep popping up and I’m happy to explore them with you in more detail.

“When are you opening?” I want to open as much as you do. As much as the chefs in residence do. As much as their fans do. Even more. We’re tied up with the final opening details. The wait makes me feel:

^^ dismayed outlets ^^

Like when my brand new dress arrived in the mail, packaged in a lovely gift box, with a rip in it.
newrippeddress^^ if only customer service mice could fix my dress like in Cinderella^^

Kind of invokes a certain Alanis Morissette song. The situational irony of building a restaurant but not being allowed to open aside, EatsPlace doors open in a week or so depending on coordination with all the District agencies.

It feels great to be done with construction. There’s not much I’ll miss about that. But I do love looking at tile. Pretty pretty tiles.
^^ Bye bye smash all broken ^^

But slow food takes time to do right. We’re doing it right.


Sometimes people ask for my food POV because EatsPlace will be so eclectic based on what guest chefs are cooking up, and I make all kinds of food through Baba’s Cooking School. So here’s some food POV…

Sometimes sauce next to hash can be pandering. The sauce, who spends so much time trying to prove itself to the sambals and the salas, forgets itself with the hash, who accuses the sauce of not respecting it as a dish, using fancy plating the hash doesn’t understand as it is piled to the side.


Oh yes, there will be vegetarian dishes!!!

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EatsPlace Photobombs Google Street View

The EatsPlace construction project made it to street view! With a cameo photobomb from me. The peace sign was an innate manga cheeseball reflex. I couldn’t stop myself.

It’s an interesting look at the both the front and back of the building during its complete transformation:




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Start Spreading the News

Right around the corner from having our chefs in residence move in. And That’s right, everything makes me think about food. But this time can you blame me?

food-spreads ^^ eat this: scallop ceviche as a decadent, briny spread ^^

construction-spreading^^ don’t eat this: butter, caramel tint, brie painted trim ^^

We’re in the countdown to opening so look for a little site redesign, guest chef takeovers of the blog (and kitchen), and opening days (daze)!

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Chefs in Residence Menu Sneak Peeks

One of the most frequent questions people ask us is “What kind of food will you have?” Mason Dixie Biscuit Company will feature biscuits and flavorful spreads for breakfast and lunch with a buzzy, casual vibe. DC Born & Raised is an upscale experience featuring Chef Charles Lyons’s gourmet take on his family’s fine soul food. I’m shepherding the beverages inspired by our great chefs, which means this round will be creative, eclectic and fun with just a bit southern.

But what does it all mean? There’s no better way to describe what we’re serving than to give you a sneak peek of our respective menus. That’s three independent but related takes on eating and drinking, all under EatsPlace’s roof. One caveat: these are by no means the final the menus, so please keep checking back here and on the chefs’ own websites for updates.




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