The EatsPlace Team

This is the story about building a community food incubator with the best group of people ever. The EatsPlace Launch Team is made up of the most decent, hardest-working people we have had the pleasure of spending 18 hour days with. Bryan, Lisa, Melvin, Greg…big hugs!

20140321_181300-1^^ Getting the job done in style with synchronized hands on hips^^

20140212_132823^^ Smart and beautiful! ^^

20140320_140818^^ Glowing because they’re angels ^^

Picture 240^^ Builder of buildings and star of EatsPlace films ^^

And I’m sorry/not sorry when we freak out and seek blood vengeance on each other. Even when it’s hard, I’m having a good time. Construction is hell but you guys make it fun!

We’re always looking to add to our family — job section up soon.

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Start Everything With One Thing

I talk about my time being a restaurant kid at Baba’s Cooking School. But maybe more importantly we learn about The One Thing.

IMG_0174-web^^ Restaurant kids know their ingredients. And can make good cocktails. Just saying.^^

Everyone needs that one thing. If you get the one thing done and get nothing else accomplished, you’ll still be satisfied. See that one thing to the end. And you’ll have the amazing feeling of true freedom to the do the next thing, and the next, and so on and so on. Until you’ve had some adventures indeed.

Have you ever wanted to open your own restaurant or bring a special recipe to market? Applications to food incubator and popupperyEatsPlace coming out this week!

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Fire Rated Frosting

Picture 238
Glug glug that’s how frosting sounds in my sweet tooth dreams, and that’s exactly the sound of pouring concrete. Constructing this food incubator has so many parallels to cooking. When we rebuilt the chimney, bricks were mortared by pastry bags! Is it just me or does everything remind you of food too?

^^ The best, hardest working team we could wish for! ^^

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When Doors Open

They say when one door is stacked on top of another and another — not exactly closed as much as leaning precariously — it means lots of opportunities will open! As you can see we are in the throes of construction. Loud clack-bang-clack video coming soon.


I’m invigorated from our tasting and buying trip down south. My taste buds are still tingling with all the good things I’ll be bringing back to stock at EatsPlace including my very own Lala Sauce.

EatsPlace promotes slow food business development and that means slow business too. Take time to let the market develop and find you. Let EatsPlace remove risks and cut through the red tape. You relax (yeah right) and cook your heart out (right on). Online applications for EatsPlace chefs-in-residence and producers are coming out next week.

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Restaurant Profit Calculations

Something I get asked a lot: what’s a reasonable profit for restaurants? You’re not going to like my answer but you must determine that. There’s no one size fits all formula that will cover your menu, salaries, health costs, rent, loans and whatever else going on with life.

But I’m positive no one gets into the food industry because they love diving into a pool of gold coins (ouch). We much prefer to dive into sprinkles.


At EatsPlace we’re here to help food businesses turn passion into profits. It’s a labor of love but all work should be fairly compensated so you don’t lose your shirt. (Please do keep your shirt on because that’s a health code violation right there.) Don’t get too worked up about cost estimates because you should always revisit your assumptions. Fortunately there are industry standards:

Labor Cost: 25-35%
Food Cost: 30%
Drink Cost: 20%
Anticipated Profit: 4-10%

But those are just guidelines so attenuate those standards with your food concept, level of service and the local market. And for gosh sake, inventory your food costs!

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