EatsPlace in Georgia Avenue Art Walk

We’re excited to be part of the Georgia Avenue Art Walk!

2014-10-24 09.14.42

EatsPlace was matched with Elizabeth Graeber, the talented illustrator who also did our logo. Elizabeth is already throwing down some kimchee, cocktails and ice cream sandwiches on our walls, and we can’t wait to see the finished piece. We’ll be licking the walls if they show Mason Dixie biscuits and DC Born & Raised mumbo sauce!

2014-10-24 09.17.16

The Georgia Avenue Window Walk is a temporary public art project co-presented by Pleasant Plains Workshop and the Georgia Ave Community Development Task Force that engages residents and visitors to the community by placing art installations in storefront spaces along the lower Georgia Avenue Corridor.

This year’s artists are Day Acoli, Luke Atkinson, Elizabeth Graeber, Tsedaye Makonnen, and Jane Claire Remick. And participating businesses are Mama Chuy DC, From the Core Studios, Morgan’s Seafood, Yoga Heights, and EatsPlace. You are all invited to a launch celebration and art walk Sunday November 9th, starting at Pleasant Plains Workshop at 2pm. Starting at 3pm, we will walk by each installation and hear from the artists and site owners. There will be a reception at our final stop, EatsPlace.

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Fundraiser for David Do – DC Board of Education Candidate


Please join hosts Kristina Bilonick and Carolina Mayorga tomorrow Thursday 10/23 at EatsPlace at 3607 Georgia Ave NW (1 block south of Petworth Metro) for a fun evening filled with art and libations. Starting at 7 pm, enjoy a silent auction, DC Born & Raised food specials, and a portion of drink sales will go in support of David Do for Ward 1 schools. Come meet your candidate!

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Mathy Hour

Our too smart for humans sales robot finally let us offer happy hour at EatsPlace! DC Born & Raised will also be offering specials on their bar bites menu.

IMG_20141011_201259 Cori’s impeccable cloven sidecars

Drinks @EatsPlace will have happy hour weekdays from 5-7pm. $1 off all beer, wine, liquor and cocktails. That means $4 Wild Wolf Pilsner and Blonde Hunny, Evolution Lot 3 IPA, Aleworks Tavern Ale and Chesapeake Pale Ale, as well as our ever popular Champion Missile IPA on tap. Glasses of Sauvignon Blanc and Cotes du Rhone are $6. Mumbai fizzes and bourbon apple ciders for $7.

A buck may not seem like a lot these days unless you look at the overall percentages. Our drinks are well-priced on any given time, so happy hour means 20% – 11% off. But for us it’s less about the psychology about getting a deal and more about hey you just clocked out of your tough job, and you’re in the (neighbor)hood, so why not stop by to see some friendly faces and sip a tasty libation? No matter how you crunch the numbers, drinks go down smoother during happy hour.

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EatsPlace Goes International

Sinovision dropped by to do a video segment on EatsPlace and our chefs in residence, Mason Dixie Biscuit Co and DC Born & Raised.


My rough translation:
“For many cooks, it’s their dream to sell food. But rent is expensive, and complex regulations can be major hurdles. In Washington, a newly opened commercial kitchen may be able to help chefs take the first step to realize their dreams. Its founder is a young Chinese girl.”

Random thoughts: I’m thrilled to be called young?! Doesn’t Mason Dixie Biscuit Co’s food look good on camera? Well, it tastes even better than it looks. The journalist, Karen worked so hard to write, shoot and edit this piece. It was fun to see it unfold before my eyes and share a little bit about EatsPlace and my food story.

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Brunch Is a Big Deal

If breakfast is kind of somebody, then brunch is definitely kind of somebody and you really need to eat now. That’s why on Monday we’re featuring breakfast and brunch with Mason Dixie Biscuit Company and bloody marys featuring Baba’s Cooking School‘s Lala hot sauce and mimosas. Yay federal holiday! And starting next weekend, DC Born & Raised will be doing weekend brunch big time.

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