Closing In to Open Up

How was your weekend? Ours was filled with work but the deeply satisfying and meaningful kind. We passed inspections and now onto finishing the build out. As we close up the walls, it’s fun to take a look around for some last peeks of EatsPlace as a construction site.

vintage ladder

vintage windows

k drywall

Most things in construction are rectilinear (including my sweater!). So here’s a reminder that we’re organically building a very special food incubator and pop-uppery: Chinese long beans loops from the garden.
chinese long beans

** Just a couple of weeks to enter the Good Foods Awards! I won this past January for my Lala Sauce and was able to share the EatsPlace story at the awards ceremony. The GFA has so much integrity and camaraderie, and I hope you apply! **

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Double Duty

Part of running an efficient food incubator is making sure things are multitaskers. Work tables are on casters. Storage space is maximized by using every available spot, including built-in wall units. Depending on its intensity, a sconce is a spotlight for a food demonstration or diffuses romantic mood lighting for the dining room.

Everyone pulls double duty at EatsPlace too. The chef is also the restaurant owner. The bartender also makes a line of award-winning bitters.

sign face^^ playground signs are also friendly faces ^^

stair drawing
walk-in cooler^^ walls and floors are also sketch pads ^^

fish bacon^^ crispy fish skin is also bacon ^^

dog bag^^ the dog is also a table ^^

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Portrait of a Taster

We’re in the midst of doing one of the most fun parts of the job: tasting interviews. Tasting interviews happen after a prospective chef-in-residence or food producer applies to EatsPlace. We review the applcation, and if we’re ready for the next step, we do a tasting interview. Everything that pops up at EatsPlace must be tasty, so we have the heavy burden of trying all of this good food first. Le sigh, so rough! All of the interviews are different. Sometimes they happen at fancy restaurants. Sometimes they’re in lovely homes. Sometimes we roll up to a food cart.

iceboxcake^^ exploring magical culinary landscapes ^^

There is a portrait of me at a banquet. I’m seated in a cushy settee with many plates of food on the table. What if I could eat whatever I want, and only the portrait got more ashen and puffy. Pursuits of pleasure without worrying about waistlines and heart attacks. My gustatory sins (and salvation) would be recorded as paint streaks instead of stretch marks. My likeness in the painting will happily reflect the gluttony because “even the cardinal virtues cannot atone for half-cold entrées.”

KTgray^^ slow selfie rendered in oil paint ^^

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The City Itself Is An Ingredient

Who’s worthy to be called a DC native? DC localism is sliced into many defnitions. Is it being here for five generations? Going through DCPS? Passport lists it as your place of birth? Which hopsital? When I tell some people I’m DC-born, I always get a reaction. Maybe it makes me more (un)likable. Or knowing that is knowing my story.

othercities^^ Where is the DC poster? ^^

What does it mean to be from here? Speaking with the distinct voice of a Native Washingtonian, I think it means we really care about building a sustainable community here in our hometown. I’m lucky that Washington DC is the city where my culinary adventures happen.

lala^^ Lala Sauce is proudly made in DC ^^

Anyone who checks EatsPlace out on Pinterest knows DC has my heart. I say being a Washingtonian is a mindset. You’re from DC if the city got inside of you, and you inside of it. Your heart is here with me and all of us.

3 stars^^ (3) stars and bar(tenders) — DC flag logo riffs ^^
^^ follow along on Instagram @eatsplace ^^

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Construction The End Is Near (That’s A Good Thing)

Do neat rows of white aspargus remind you of siding?

aspargus siding^^ Must be just me. ^^

Maybe pork bricks?
pork bricks^^ I dunno, stack some in my mouth and I’ll tell you. ^^

Even though I can never truly get away (nor do I want to) it’s so nice go out to eat and leave the construction site behind sometimes. We’re getting into the final drywall phase and this filthy mirror sums it up.

away^^ It’s hot and and the amazing team is working double time!! ^^

At the end of the day, building and opening a food incubator and pop-uppery is the best job in the world. It’s fun just saying pop-uppery! We have a great line up of chefs-in-residence to share with you…soon.

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