EatsPlace Analyzes Google Food & Drink Trends 2014

Google released its top search trends of the year. Some charts were depressing, others were enlightening. Let’s dive in!

Picture 303
As for the most searched diets, old standbys like Atkins is still running strong as well as the newish kid on the block, Paleo. No mention of the soup diet, but that is expected to reach peak trend in 2015. My favorite diet, the no diet diet, is nowhere on the radar, perhaps due to the “no there there” aspect. ** Shrugs, reaches for more Belgium extra dark chocolate and a swig of red wine, breakfast is such an important meal. ** I was rooting for the Mark Bittman VB6 diet to make the chart. Or Michael Pollan’s manifesto but maybe it was too lengthy to type in the search bar: “Eat food, not too much, mostly plants.

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People wanted to learn how to make chicken, meatloaf, banana bread, pancakes and chili most of all. With the masses armed with recipes and home cook know-how, I will 86 those items from my menu…or in a brilliant strategic move, open a pop-up cafe that only serves those things!

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Onto one of my favorite topics, drinks! Finally, a solid list but I do wish sangria was an m-cocktail to keep with the theme. I love crowdsourced emergent patterns. But maybe “molotov cocktail” would not have been the right one. “Mocktail” would have been good. Or my buddy the Manhattan. At EatsPlace we like to serve ours with house infused brandied cherries.

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The beer category reads like a college drink list so I’ll liken it to the experience of hooking up with your RA in freshman year: breaks your heart just a bit, even though you expected it to. I love all of our local breweries in Washington DC!

In the category “Places on Google Maps”, the good news is top searches included three food places. Four if you count Walmart, which was in the most searched of all. And that leads to the bad news: top searches were for Walmart, Starbucks, Target and McDonald’s. Local businesses of course will not trend on a national level, but what about looking up a National Park? Or find out where the farms, farmers markets and CSAs are in your town? Because who can’t figure out where Starbucks or McDonalds are? They’re literally everywhere.

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Christmas with DC Born & Raised @EatsPlace

We’re very excited to announce that we’re open for Christmas eve and day for dinner and serving a special DC Born & Raised Christmas Menu. Reservations are encouraged.

To set the festive food mood, may I present my new favorite video of Shaq teaching us holiday easy bake oven recipes. I love most anything Shaq does that isn’t basketball, and this one is on point. Shaq, you didn’t miss it like a free throw. He’s doing this to help Toys for Tots because all kids deserve holiday joy.

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Let’s Celebrate 2015 at EatsPlace

Cue the (edible) confetti and celebrate New Years Eve at EatsPlace!

Feast on an unlimited buffet of tantalizing DC Born & Raised food and drinks, as well as a midnight champagne toast. Chef Charles Lyons will be featuring your favorite DC Born & Raised bites and more. There will be a DJ, dancing, and oh yes, party hats! Limited in number, so get your tickets early here.

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Bring Your Own Vinyl – Fridays and Saturdays at EatsPlace

Torrance Anderson will sound curate his jazz collection, so join him in showing off your rare finds.


Bring your own vinyl Fridays and Saturday nights starting at 10pm at EatsPlace. Don’t want to unleash your inner DJ? Just groove to the deep cuts your neighbors are slinging and have a few drinks.
Cost: Free
Drink specials: $4 beer, $6 shots

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Cyber Monday at EatsPlace


To celebrate the grand opening of EatsPlace retail, we have a few online deals that will hit all your crave points. Get Katy’s Baba’s Cooking School award-winning fermented hot sauce and an EatsPlace tee for only $25, that’s 10% of the regular price and includes free shipping. And also made at EatsPlace in Washington DC, completely addictive gluten-free cookies from Bjorn Bakes, available online and at our shop.

The EatsPlace tee is substantial cotton screenprinted with a design by local artist Elizabeth Graeber. Lala Sauce is spicy and then some…a spicy, savory flavor starter. A Good Food Awards winner! Ingredients: fermented black bean, chili pepper, garlic, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt, spices. Tee comes in many sizes, sauce in one 4 oz jar.
** sorry this deal has expired but you can still get your Lala Sauce fix here. **


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