Spice is Nice and Makes Booze Better

We just wrapped up our last Knowledge Common DC class at EatsPlace and had a great time covering the not so basics of barrel aging alcohol.

Picture 346 copy

It was fun to do the spice class first and then build up from that to the barrel aging class, where we sampled housemade bourbonized gin (juniper, bay, and cardamom among other spices) and cinnamon whiskey.

20150226_105743 (1)

The bar is open all week with snacks like ramen and eggs, matcha cake, mochi and dried squid. So stop by for a sip and place an order your own oak barrel. The 1 liter handmade barrels are charred white oak barrels with steel hoops. Each one comes with instructions, stand, bung (ha ha old skool), spigot and storing tablet. You can also order from us online to pick up here: $55 + tax

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Ponder the Squid Peanut

We brought this crispy, savory peanut snack from Japan because its delicate squid flavor goes great with beer!

Closed on Mondays for private events
Drinks @EatsPlace + instaramen cup + bar snacks
2/24 Tues – 2/28 Saturday 5:30p – 10:00p
Closed Sunday 3/1 for private event


We’re looking forward to a Knowledge Commons class on barrel aging, as well as debuting bar snacks tonight and through the week. Pekko-pekko is the onomatopoeia word when your stomach grumbles. We have the cure with asian bar snacks and instant ramen cup!

Picture 345

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Snow Big Deal, Open Dinner & Brunch!

Snow or shine, BevEggs Pork & Grits at EatsPlace is open. So come in, shake off and warm up!


The outdoor smoker and roaster are covered, but Bev’s making porky magic inside! The snow sow approves.

When it snows, we become FatsPlace, which I love.

The snow was such a delight that the bacon had come to the window and look. This caused a stained glass effect, something that surprised even the folks that worship bacon.

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Latest, Greatest and LAST

Get it before it’s gone! We’re down to the final few dinners and brunches of BevEggs Pork & Grits at EatsPlace. Check out the latest and greatest menu below: Atta Boy South N’Ya Mouth! And come visit Bev and his outdoor pork smoker and roaster while you can.


New pop-ups and programming announced next week, and the newsletter goes out later today. If haven’t signed up, it’s at the bottom of the homepage. There are updates about what’s popping up at EatsPlace, industry classes, samba dancers, clean water for a village in Cameroon, and some food knowledge dropping!

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Winter Update

Blah…sorry see you for dinner tomorrow!
Closed for Thurs Dinner BevEgg 2.19

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